Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rhoda's Birthday walk

Though it spoke of rain on Friday, it managed to hold off quite nicely.  Look at those clouds!  This was by the Pitlochry Golf Course, which is more or less where we based our walk.  It was somewhat 'bitty' as we didn't want to make the climb up to the top, this incline was enough for most of us!

On the way back down this path we saw some beautiful Buddleas, but didn't manage to get any shots of them.

We did see some swans, though. It was quite an attraction, with several people lined up to grab a picture, while staying quiet, so as not to disturb the mums and their babies.

We did find this seat for a welcome rest and photo opportunity.  It's funny how the birthday girl is the one left standing!

Marian, Jean I, Rhoda, Jeanette, Jacqui and Sheila

When we reached the beautiful clubhouse, we ordered coffees and teas outside, and had a good chat and giggle.  It was only later we were informed that, if you sit outside you are expected to sit quietly - oops!  I don't know which one of us was making the most noise, though it is usually me.  The tea was delicious, though, I must say.

When Kim, Jean D, Auntie Betty, Janet and Jan arrived, we went inside where a table had been laid, Jeanette had collected 'The Cake' from her car, and we settled to eat our lunch.

Well, our orders were given and most of the meals arrived (my Aberdeen Angus beefburger (without the roll)) but Auntie Betty was left sitting.  And sitting. And waiting.  Then the (only) waiter in the very busy lunch restaurant told her that her chicken had been burned, and another was being prepared.  So, she waited some more.  Oh dear.  It eventually arrived and was as tasty as everyone else's.  Marian's soup was cold, however.  This does sound like a long moan, but I'm afraid it was justified.  There simply was not the staff to cope with such a full room, and if they couldn't cope they should have turned us away.  There was then some confusion with the bill, where it seemed we had possibly been overcharged.  As some had eaten and drunk less than others, we all agreed to pay our own bill.  But, we were still short by about ten pounds.  This meant we all had to put in extra, and the waiting staff did not get tipped. Especially, as one had been quite rude (!) to one of us, and that is simply not on, is it?

But, though we got no pictures, Rhoda was presented with Jeanette's cake, with lit candles, as well as flowers and presents.  It seems she had an eventful, but enjoyable birthday lunch.

Happy Birthday, Rhoda!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We're on!

Craigower, Pitlochry no. 1

Hi Yarnwalkers!
A few of us can make the walk this Friday 30th July.  So far I know that Rhoda, Jean D, Jean I, Marian, Kate and me and maybe Susan and Annie can come.  We have decided to do the Craigower walk near Moulin, Pitlochry.  Link HERE
We will leave the shop at 10am and a few cars will drive down to Moulin and park there.  After the walk we can have lunch at Moulin Hotel.  For those of you who are more adventurous, you could walk Ben Vrackie.
If you can make it please let me or Jean or anyone coming on the walk know so that we don't go without you!
Hope to see you Friday

Friday, 16 July 2010


Due to the rain the walk is cancelled, again, today.

Friday, 9 July 2010

!! ** walk cancelled today ** !!

Today's walk has been cancelled due to the rain.  Emails have been sent.  We'll do the Ardblair Woods walk next Friday, 16 July.

Thank you.

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Knockie, Friday 2 July

**Edit, please note: Friday 9 July walk - meeting place has been altered - please see your emails **
thank you 

I don't know how many weeks we have until Christmas, but that holiday was nowhere in our minds on today's walk.  Despite the grey-ish clouds apparent up the Glen as we left this morning, the July summer weather in Blairgowrie and up to the Knockie, was glorious.  Gill had the only camera with her and, as soon as I get the piccies I will post them up here. Edit: here they are!

Due, I think, to the Flower Festival in Kirkmichael tomorrow, there was just the three of us from the Glen attending for the walk today, but Susan, Gillian and I did enjoy ourselves.

We meandered alongside the river, meeting a chap with his two dogs along the way. We again saw the waterfalls, ruins and cottages that, at this time of year, are obscured slightly due to the lush, green leaves on the trees.  The water level is very low at the moment - certainly the lowest I've ever seen it; you could almost walk across and not get your feet wet, so we  were surprised to see any waterfalls.

However, doing this walk today there was no rain to stop us from climbing up the hill towards the Knockie, and what a view we had!  It was wall to wall sky over the Blair-side country, where we could clearly see the wind farm, and the top of Mount Blair itself.

We weren't too sure of the distance yet to go for the Knockie itself, and our little feet were getting sore, so we turned around and came back down the hill, and into Blair itself.

We were very grateful to reach an outside table at Cargill's, where we had some tasty soup, sandwich and salad and the obligatory wee cuppy.  And, though it was hot and sunny, we kept our tops on!

But, it didn't end there for us, oh no.  It transpires that all of us love perusing the charity shops, so we ended our time in the three along Blairgowrie high street - but no Christmas presents were shopped for, I'm afraid!


We have chosen to do the Ardblair walk  Which, if you look at the (map here) it shows that we don't have to walk all of the 5.75 miles, we can cut at the corner to make it shorter - unless you want to do all of it, feel free to do so!
As usual, we can meet at Kirkmichael shop at 9.30 am, and we'll organise ourselves from the Glen

toodle-pip, until next week!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Forfar loch

You won't believe it, but we had yet another weather-perfect day for our walk!  We had fairly loose arrangements around the travelling, yet they all worked out very well indeed.

This is another circular walk, but deffo on level ground, and just under the three miles.

We stopped to take pictures of some of the flowers,

and, even found a sign for us that said 'Forfar Witches'!  Hmm, someone suggested this might refer to us - cheek!

One of us was going away the next day and needed to get organised, so they sped off into the distance.  The laggers wandered behind and caught them sitting on a bench, overlooking the lovely, water - it looked so inviting ...  until we saw the green stuff floating about on it, that is!

Have you ever seen so many swans?

After the walk we decided that as we are so near to Letham Crafts we ought to make the short drive over there.  Also, as it was lunchtime, a call into Trumptington Forge Tea Room to eat. We do love it here, the service is polite, swift and friendly, and the food is gorgeous - especially the home baking!  They also have a mini farm there, with ducks, geese, horses and this handsome chap - who seemed to make such a racket whenever Jean D was nearby!

Then some of us made the drive over to the craft shop, and didn't spend too much money ..... but, we all said we will be back!


We thought we might re-visit the Knockie and Cargill's Leap at Blairgowrie - it rained so much last time that we didn't go to the top and, if the weather holds out, we should be able to.
One suggestion has been that we start at the car park and walk up through the town, then after viewing the Knockie, we return this way - it's shorter for those with 'knees' and 'backs'!
Meet at the shop at 9.30 am, and the 'glenners' will make their own way 
Please let Jeanette or Jean D know if you're coming from Kirkmichael,
and Karen know if you're in the Glen

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Hermitage 18 June 2010

This must have been the hottest day yet for one of our walks, this week at the stunning Hermitage, along the A9 north.

As Perthshire is known as Big Tree Country, we were not surprised to come across this one, which at 61.3 meters, is a contender for Britain's tallest tree, no less.

I crouched as low as I could, with Jean D's camera, and still couldn't get in all the height of this Douglas fir!

It was a gentle, circular walk, by the river and through the woods, and so pretty.

Can't remember what the joke was here, except my pals were worried I would need to make several 'calls' to the bushes if I continued to gulp down the water.

After looking at the waterfall we climbed up to the bridge, which crosses the Black Linn Waterfall, just enjoying the lovely sunshine, and laughing along with Jean D.  To stunned silence she told us she is a nobody.
Then quipped 'And, nobody's perfect!'  You are, Jean, you are!

The sign says to go in, to push this door and slide the next ..........

Ooh, the views from the Ossian's Hall are spectacular

An early lunch at the picnic table in the car park, and then we went over to Birnam.  After taking a look at the Beatrix Potter exhibition there, and the garden.  We then walked along the River Tay.

We found the great Birnam Oak from Shakespeare's Scottish Play.  We had left the cameras in the car so didn't take any pictures.  Suffice it to say that the five of us linked our hands around it and didn't meet!  It just would have needed one more person, and we might have done it.

** Next Week **
We are off to Forfar, to walk around the Forfar Loch.  We shall meet at the Forfar Leisure Centre at 10.30, so should meet up earlier at the shop, and those in the Glen will go straight there - watch your emails for further details.